What our clients say


In the time that I have known Silvia Graves she has always shown to be a person of great integrity. Silvia has always conducted herself in a professional manner. She is a very knowledgeable individual. No matter what the situation, she resolves the matter. Silvia is an extremely capable individual. She is easy to talk to and one feels confident that Silvia knows her field. A person can ask anything and Silvia responds quickly and responsibly.

Silvia Graves helped me and my family resolve a very serious immigration problem that other law firms could not resolve. A visa that seemed impossible to obtain, her and her law firm made possible to be approved and in a pleasant and professional way. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a serious and savvy lawyer, anytime!

Mrs. P.S.

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart how lucky and grateful we are with Silvia Graves as an attorney. We have been her clients for many years and she has always been very professional, very capable of understanding the immigration problem, and finding the right and most practical solution. She is very knowledgeable of the law but yet, she explains it in a way that we all understand and most importantly, she treats you like a person. You can feel that she cares about your case. We would not have been able to accomplish everything that was needed in our cases in such an effortless and efficient way. My father was a lawyer in Mexico many years ago and he was a wonderful and dedicated attorney. It was not until I met Mrs. Graves that for the second time I could see another magnificent lawyer in action and I have met more than one immigration attorney in Houston. If everybody would go to Mrs. Graves, I can say without a doubt that nobody would have to experience any hardships in their immigration cases.